[Interview] With....Diigoo! 01-03-2012 / Londe
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Hello Tibians, today in a special date we will be inaugurating our Interview Section, and to start with the right foot, we are getting you a relaxed interview with the actual Top Distance and Shielding of Tibia, the Royal Paladin Diigoo, habitant of Danera.
Let’s go to the interesting part?

GuildStats: Can you talk a bit about you? What’s your name, where do you live, how old are you, what’s your occupation?
Diigoo: My name is Rodrigo, I live in Recífe, Brazil, a city with many beaches and wonderful people, including myself ;D I have 25 years old and nowadays I’m an entrepreneur and I’m on the waiting list of a concourse I’ve passed.

GuildStats: How did you met Tibia?
Diigoo: I met it like 8 years ago, it was when I was in a chat and a guy showed up asking if someone there used to play Tibia, since I was doing nothing I asked details about it, I downloaded the game, and I started playing that game that looked dumb…

GuildStats: Which world did you started playing?
Diigoo: There were a few worlds, I was kindly in doubt of where should I create my char, but Libera was the one I selected, and started playing with my sister, in different chars, of course. =P

GuildStats: Was Diigoo your first character?
Diigoo: Yes, my first and unique char. I believe that if you have many chars and you play without Bots (of course), you will have much more difficulties when it comes to have a powerful character, the reason is obvious, because the dedication you could be spending in a single one, you share in many others…
Diigoo getting level 192.

GuildStats: What influenced you to become a paladin? Please, explain us which advantages you saw when you took that decision.
Diigoo: In fact the story is kindly funny. When I left Rookgard, I was very noob, I knew nothing about RPG games, about the vocations, so I imagined paladins were the vocation that used Sword, then I decided to become a Paladin. When I started I just saw disadvantages because my Sword Skill used to take much more time to grown, compared to my friends I had less HP, till I realized it! Paladins used to use Arrows and Spears, from that day on everything was wonderful, I saw I could attack being far from the enemy, I could play without support, defend myself well and still use magic. Nowadays I’m grateful for that “mistake” when I had to select my vocation, because in my point of view, Paladins are the best, more funny and more profitable. ;)

GuildStats: How was that chance process to Danera?
Diigoo: It was pretty calm, I’ve always played Libera, there I lived my gold time in Tibia, those who play for so long like me know what I’m talking about. Time has passed, wars happening, many people stopping playing because they were hunted, that was also when I stood retired too, but as always the addiction brought me back to the game, but many friends of mine had already stopped playing or they had switched server, and that was when I heard of a server that many players were from my city, Recífe. That server was Danera! I didn’t even thought twice, I called some friends to go with me, we prepared our stuff and here I am.

GuildStats: Your skills are amazing, both you Distance and Shielding, making many Knights jealously. How did this race to the Top Distance and Shielding started?
Diigoo: First, I never imagined I would get to the Top of something, I just liked training. I used to see the Tops of my server and inspire on them, on that time people used to valorize skills more than nowadays, and if you had high skills, you had respect. That was when I started training always as possible. With time I was reaching those who were on the Top of my world, I kept training, and then I became the Top Libera, but being the Top Server wasn’t enough, you have to look for more, because while you have other people as your goal, they have you as well. If you relax, you stay on the back…
My priority was always the Top Distance, Shielding always came as a consequence, not that I don’t care with it, but I never expected to exceed Knights in this aspect. Good for me :D (haha)

GuildStats: What are your skills and Magic level nowadays?
Diigoo: At moment I have 134 on Distance Fighting (Almost 135) and 123 on Shielding (I guess lol), my Magic level sucks, because I don’t use my mana while I’m training for two reasons:
1º because that would increase my waste with food, ETC…
2º pure laziness (haha)
Just to answer your question, my Magic level is 26.

GuildStats: Isn’t this training a bit boring?
Diigoo: To tell you the truth, Yes it is, but you get used to it and start liking as well, cause it’s just understand that the biggest trick of training is that you can do other stuff while you are playing; the chances of a death are small and your char is still leveling. It’s all about about habit, when you get used to it, I bet you will like it.
Training is essential, if you are a Paladin or a Knight and you want your char to be differentiated , there is no other way, you must train it. In addition, I use to say that training is the shortcut to become the Top of something.

GuildStats: What’s the average time you spend online per day?
Diigoo: That’s an important question, many people accuse me of Botting, or that I use illegal tools due to my online time, but sometimes the online time doesn’t mean anything, I will give you an example of what happens with me:
As most of the people know, since some time ago, CIP changed the rules and made it possible to someone to hold a hotkey to keep his character online without this become illegal, furthermore there is a way to keep your char online even if you get kicked from the game, in PVP worlds if you use a fire field for example, you will have a “PZ locked”, this way your char become unable to log out, so all you need to do is have a monster keeping your “PZ locked” and your char won’t get kicked until the server save. This way if the char is online, doesn’t mean the player is there, and this way many people spent more than 20 hours online. I know that’s not something right at all, but we should use the tools that were given to us ;).

GuildStats: What do you use to train and what’s the waste you use to have to keep this rhythm?
Diigoo: To train I use Spears, I buy around 1200, and I spend the whole Day with them, each 100 spears last for like 2 hours, generally some of them use to remain, but it’s better having them remaining then missing =P. I waste like 11k per day with my training, which is around 330k per month. I train on Target Dummies, unfortunately CIP created those creatures to make things easier, now everyone is able to have high skills, it’s not as hard as it was in the past.

GuildStats: The server you play gives you the peace to train without problems?
Diigoo: Yes, no doubt. Unlike many people say, for me Danera is a Nice Server, I never had problems with people here, people respect each other, it’s like I use to say, in Danera if you don’t start a conflict, you will rarely be in one.
Of course there is Power Abuse, like every server has, but if you know how the rules work, and knowing how to handle them, there will be no problems.

GuildStats: Let’s go to the interesting part, what are your Best hits?
Diigoo: It’s a hard question, because there is a long time since I went hunting or testing hits, but as far as I remember, with assassin stars my Best hits are: 535 PVP and 1224 PvM, both using sharpshooter (Utito tempo san), I believe I can hit more than that nowadays, I will make some tests anytime.
Diigoo's new best hit so far.
GuildStats: We can note that since some time you decided to stop leveling to dedicate exclusively to your skills. Is there a special reason to that?
Diigoo: Yes, there is more than 2 years that I train without breaks, I don’t go out to Hunt, Just to kill a monster here and other there, but to enjoy my char itself, there is a long time I don’t do it.
The main reason for that is because I’m tied in this Top stuff, that’s the bad side, you don’t want to lose your position and you abdicate doing many things for that. For that reason, while I see there is people that still aims to catch me I will be training, to show them that if they they want to be the Top, they will have to shake their body :P.

GuildStats: How do you evaluate the changes in Tibia since you see yourself as a player when it comes to pvp and the gameplay in general?
Diigoo: Like I told you above, Tibia already had it’s gold time, when pvp really used to depend of each player capacity, when it was hard to obtain levels, when there was no bots and people used to see Tibia just as a diversion and not like a way to earn money.
I don’t blame CIP for the changes, they just had to modify the game so everyone could have the same conditions to play. The biggest villains are the bots.
It’s up to us to adapt, to relearn how to play after each update, cause even with some high and low moments, for me Tibia is still a special game.

GuildStats: Related to that, would you change anything?
Diigoo: I would bring back GMs, and I would invest more on this game’s RPG, not mentioning that, CIP is doing what they can to make this game more attractive.

GuildStats: Let’s go to a quick Word game?
Diigoo: For sure.

GuildStats: A Knight?
Diigoo: Eternal Oblivion, but if I can chose a Palyknight, here I am! XD

GuildStats: A Sorcerer?
Diigoo: From old times Setzer Gambler, and from nowadays a guy in Danera that plays very well, Van the lethal warrior.

GuildStats: A Druid?
Diigoo: There is a guy from old times either that in my thoughts played very well, I don’t really remember if he is a Druid or a Sorcerer, his name is Will Hunting, if he is a sorcerer, then I chose my female, Sephirot of Night.

GuildStats: A Paladin?
Diigoo: No doubts he was the biggest Paladin, at least in my opinion, Gugo. I would change my nick in his homage if I could.

GuildStats: A city in tíbia?
Diigoo: Edron, for me that’s Tibia’s center

GuildStats: A Guild?
Diigoo: Devotion from Libera, RPG FTW xD

GuildStats: An idol?
Diigoo: I dont think I have any, but an inspiration, I guess Gugo himself.

GuildStats: A monster to Hunt for fun?
Diigoo: I like to kill some Undead Dragons, they are scary xD

GuildStats: A monster to Hunt for Money?
Diigoo: I always like to make Money hunting Lizard Chosens, also Serpent Spawns

GuildStats: A place you like in Tibia?
Diigoo: I really like North Port, it’s in North, out of Carlin, that was where I had good times in Tibia, every time I pass by that place, I feel some nostalgia

GuildStats: Well, I guess that’s the end! Would you like to leave your fans – that dedicate themselves as hard as you do and that inspire on you – a message?
Diigoo: I would like to leave a message for those that inspire themselves on me and on my way of playing, I would like to tell them that “patience is the key for success”, and despite the difficulties, if you really aim something, don’t give up, this fits both for a game and for your personal life.
I would also like to thank the support of those who like me, tell them that the support of those people that create chars to talk to me, or that send me messages via forums or any other way, is what makes me keep doing what I do.
And for those that don’t like me, and say that it’s a waste of time, just a question, who is being interviewed right now?! (haha)
I would also like to thank GuildStats.eu for the support, and wish you guys good luck in this begin. =)