Interesting Facts about Guilds 05-03-2012 / Sir Dzidek
True to the motto "together we are strong" many Tibia players unite in guilds to face the evil in the Tibian lands. Guilds are small social systems, similar to families. The sense of belonging among members is usually very high, so they protect and support each other, and spend their Tibian lives together.
Guilds have formed in Tibia right from the very beginning, organised by players themselves. The guild system similar to as we know it today was implemented in Tibia in February 2002 with the update 6.6, in order to technically support the ongoing process of teaming up.

On the old official Tibia homepage from the year 2000 we can see several guilds listed there already. Do some of them sound familiar to you?
Since Antica is the oldest Tibia game world and had been the only game world for more than 4 years, most of the oldest guilds today can be found on this server. Not all guilds survived all these years, but the Mercenarys, for example, still exist.

The oldest guilds in Tibia

Our records of guilds only go back as far as 2002, so the following list is the list of the oldest guilds in Tibia as our system knows them. It is pretty impressive to know that all of them have existed for about 10 years now, and several of them even longer. Also for this reason, the oldest guilds in Tibia have just recently been honoured on Tibia's 15th anniversary.

The 13 oldest guilds can all be found on Antica. The next oldest guild are the "Rising Dragons Amera", the oldest guild on Amera. The 15th is again on Antica, but the 16th and 17th oldest guilds are both on Nova, they are the "Los Hermanos" and the "Hussars of Glory" and the 18th oldest guild is on Secura, the "Force of Light".

Oldest Tibia game worlds

Antica - set up in January 1997
Nova - set up in December 2001
Premia - set up in April 2002
Amera - set up in October 2002
Libera and Secura - set up in November 2002

No other game world is represented among the 20 oldest guilds, which is no wonder, really, since these game worlds are among the 5 oldest Tibia game worlds.

If we look at these guild descriptions, we can see what most guilds are about in Tibia: Unity, Strength, Protection, Help, Friendship, Honour, Justice and Virtues. Virtues such as "Loyality".

In a poll in September 2011 we asked you, the community, How loyal are you to your guild? Over 50 % of the 1644 poll participants replied with "very loyal - there is only one guild for me". Only about 11 % replied that they are not interested in guilds.

So, generalising, we conclude from the poll results that almost 90 % of active players are interested at least in part in guilds. That means: it is time to look into some statistics: About 141,000 characters are members of a guild (among which there are 3770 Rookgaardians.).
Seeing that there are currently over 5 million Tibia characters, the number of all guild members is pretty low. So the argument, that the poll was not very representative is valid. We could stop right here looking any further at statistics, however, keeping in mind that a very large part of these 5 million characters are not played actively, we will continue...
We have commented on actively played accounts already in the Statistics featured article of June 2009, and that situation has not changed greatly. Many people create an account and start their journey, but then do not continue their adventure and leave the game. Their characters though prevail for quite some time.
So, we have gathered some further statistics, which we would like to share with you.

Guilds Today

When the data was collected, there were around 4160 guilds in Tibia. The game world Menera is the server with the most guilds (132), and Ocera has the fewest guilds (11). The average number of guilds per server is between 50 and 55.
A guild usually has between 30 to 50 members. The guild with the most members is the guild "Cartel de Julera" with 675 members!
"Cartel de Julera" is also the guild with the most female characters (94), however the Queens of Solera are the guild with the highest women / men ratio. In this guild there are 39 female characters, and only 4 male characters.
This guild is quite the contrary to the average guild women / men ratio. On average, there are approximately 5 times more male characters in a guild than female characters. This ratio represents also the women / men ratio among all characters. Currently there are about 4.6 million male characters, and approximately 960,000 female characters.

Most guilds use their own guild logos (2914), but only very few actually use the guild boards on There are only 746 guild boards from over 4000 guilds.

We have also taken a closer look at the guild leaders. The average level of a guild leader is 138. The vocation distribution among guild leaders looks as follows:

profession count
Elite Knight 1329
Elder Druid 819
Royal Paladin 818
Master Sorcerer 715
Knight 117
Sorcerer 114
Druid 97
Paladin 97
None 54

So - generalising - a typical guild in Tibia looks like that: It has between 30 and 50 guild members, about 5 times more male characters than female characters, the guild leader is around level 140, and more likely an elite knight than a master sorcerer. The typical guild probably has its own guild logo, but hardly a guild board on

Please note that all data used in this article is a snapshot of specific moment in the beginning of February 2012, there are variations in the data all the time.

If you are interested in further statistics or information about guilds, several fansite in the fansite programme offer such data as well. One fansite that focusses on guild information is this website -, for example.

Some guilds are very funny and creative, too. CM Tjured collects funny guild names and we would like to share some of the names of his collection:

For example, he likes the "Nerds" of Balera and the "Fools" of Calmera.
On Galana, he stumbled across a German guild, they are called "Achtung die Kurve", which basically means: "be careful, the turn" - which does not really make any sense as a guild name...
The "Drunken Disco Ninjas" on Olympa also caught his attention, or the guild "New Folder", with the corresponding icon as their guild logo.
On Samera, there is an entire "Kindergarten" running around, and on Unitera you can meet the "Barbaric Bananas".
Have any of you ever heard of the famous "Teletubbies"? Who would have thought that these awkward creatures you can meet on television actually reside on Xantera.

Are you in a guild? Does your guild fit the typical guild in Tibia? Or have you come across some funny guild names, or astonishing and creative guild logos? We invite you to share it all with us in the Auditorium and our forum!