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Proposal - Dear Cipsoft make guild topic! 05-02-2012 / Sir Dzidek
Tibia is Massively Multiplayer game. We have few milions players which we can talk anytime. Some players log in to game only to talk with friends. People says, that the power of Tibia compared to other MMO is communication. Readable and clear chat channels, private messages, even possibility to yell or whisper. Let's improve it! Make it as strong point in Tibia!

Every chat's have something called "Topic". Why we don't have it in Tibia? How often have you saw silent guild chat even if many people from guild were online? Topic can be solution. It can make topic to discuss.

How often you want announce something important to guild mates? How did you do that? Sending letters to everyone? Sending private messages? Post on guild board? Guild topic can resolve these problems! Topic can announce something important after player log into guild channel.
It shouldn't be hard to implement it for our dear CipSoft ;)

How it can look? There's some examples after player join guild channel:

Only leader of guild can change topic. Maybe command /t ***** or /topic ****. It can be also right mouse button and option in menu: "Set guild topic".

Player Homeless Assasin made proposal in 2006 at Proposal Board. CM Mirade rated that idea as "Promising idea" in 2008 but since then there's nothing changed. Do you like it? Thread at forum is here!
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