Did you know... that some years ago the strongest monster is Tibia was demon?
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Interview with Game Content Designer Lionet
Do you want to know what is a game content designer and what they have to do in their work? Maybe you want to know if anything been unexplored in the last update? So read the interview with Lionet!
Double Loot Weekend 27-03-2020 / elyluvzya
Are you
ready for the first double loot weekend in over two years? Then get your backpacks ready and make room in your depot, for much loot is to be gotten!

Between the server saves of April 03 and April 06, you have the chance to collect double the amount of loot from every monster you kill. Do not forget to check your prey bonus as well or you might miss even higher drop chances on your prey monsters!

To full backpacks and good loot!
Your Community Managers
[News] New Open PvP and Optional PvP Game Worlds 26-03-2020 / Maldara Loka
Due to the recent rise in player numbers especially on South American game worlds, we are going to set up two new South American game worlds tomorrow:

Open PvP: Xandebra

Optional PvP: Pacembra

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note though that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Not only Premium accounts, but free ones as well will be able to play on Xandebra and Pacembra right away once they have been set up.
To new adventures,
Your Community Managers
[News] New Balancing Changes 23-03-2020 / Maldara Loka

We are going to release balancing changes for two hunting grounds tomorrow.

True asuri will receive an experience buff while the Warzone V creatures cave devourer and tunnel tyrant will be nerfed in both loot and experience.

Check the updated announcement for details. The changes will also be announced in the client tomorrow.
Good hunting,
Your Community Managers
[News] Correction of Best-in-Slot Feedback Forms 19-03-2020 / Maldara Loka
Dear Tibians,

due to a copy-paste blunder we unfortunately had to restart four of the feedback forms about the best-in-slot items, specifically the ones about the new wand, rod, bow and crossbow.

Originally the feedback form asked for an opinion about elemental damage, when the question should have been about elemental protection. This has been rectified and we would kindly ask you to fill out the forms again.

Thank you for your understanding,
Your Community Managers
[News] Feedback Forms: New Best-in-Slot Weapons 18-03-2020 / Maldara Loka
Dear Tibians,

as recently mentioned, we are going to introduce new best-in-slot weapons in the upcoming summer update. Moreover, other best-in-slot equipment will be released as well. It will be truly challenging to obtain it, as the new hunting grounds and bosses are beyond current game content in difficulty.

We would like you to tell us your opinion about this gear. There is a feedback form available for each of the new best-in-slot pieces. While you can fill out all of them, we kindly ask you to focus on those that are interesting and relevant to your main character(s). Please note that a level of at least 250 is needed to participate.

If you have further comments about certain aspects which you can not express through the feedback form, feel free to comment in our forum. Due to the current state in development we cannot answer specific questions about the gear, however. After we have evaluated all the feedback, there will be a dedicated dev note for the new items in which you will get a more detailed overview.
Rest assured that besides this high level content, the summer update will also bring new questlines, hunting grounds and bosses which are easier to access. Their difficulty will range between Grimvale and the Order of the Falcon, and a few new pieces of equipment will be available through them as well.

To new frontiers,
Your Community Managers
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