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  • Newsticker TibiaSecrets.com has published episode 12 of their Explorer's Diary. Mysteries, interesting facts, unexpected allusions. Take a look at their findings and check out their new article which is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.
  • Newsticker The closing date of TibiaEvents.com's contest Tibia Got Talent has been postponed due to temporary login errors on their website. You can now participate till Aug, 17, 23:59 CEST. Check TibiaEvents.com for further details about the contest. 
  • Newsticker TibiaLife.com.br has published a guide for the questline <em>Primal Ordeal</em> which leads you down below the surface to explore Gnomprona. The guide consists of part one and part two and is available in Portuguese!
  • Newsticker TibiaHome.com has published the third challenge of the week of this round. Participate and collect Pumpcoins to quailfy for a monthly drawing of winners. All info is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Good luck to all participants!
  • Newsticker A new episode is available on ElPodcastibiano.com. In Episode 86 they talk about Marapur and share their first guesses about the skill wheel. Check it out! As usual, the podcast is available in Spanish.
  • Newsticker TibiaFanart.com has updated their section about "House Decorations" with more content for decorators. If you want to get inspired on interior design or you feel that your Tibia house is full of unrealised potential, look for new input on TibiaFanart.com.
  • Newsticker Tibiasecrets.com invites you to the second edition of their great competition "Secrets of Tibia": Your task is to write an article about one of Tibia's secrets and you have 7 weeks to do it. You can find the rules in English directly on TibiaSecrets and on their Discord server. Best of luck to all participants!
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The Exaltation Forge: Is it worth?
That the new bonuses introduced in Winter Update 2021 are quite interesting is beyond dispute. However, the Exaltation Forge was the target of much criticism by players because of its extremely HIGH cost.
Rapid Respawn Weekend 01-08-2022 / GuildStats bot
your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of August 05 and August 08, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fighting!
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Fixes and Changes 26-07-2022 / GuildStats bot
Image number of fixes and changes have been implemented today:
  • Throwing a magic wall on a primal pod can no longer prevent a fungosaurus from spawning.
  • Fight against the Magma Bubble: Lava creatures no longer disappear and leave charges behind when simply walking over fields. Moreover, we fixed a rare scenario in which Magma Bubble could be killed twice in a row.
  • Frozen Melting Horror has received the boss flag and now appears in the Bosstiary.
  • We fixed another scrolling issue in the NPC trade window.
  • When clicking the left arrow of the NPC trade slider to reduce the amount it now jumps to threshold values such as 100, 200, etc. if theses values lie between the current value and the new one. For example: If the slider amount is at 101 and you click the left arrow it now goes to 100 as you would expect.
  • We addressed an issue with the amount field in the NPC trade so it does not immediately set the amount to 1 anymore when using the backspace key to clear the field.
  • We also fixed an issue that could result in client crashes when trading with NPCs.
  • "Boss Cooldowns" has been added to the General Hotkeys section in the options menu.
  • NPC Tom has been removed from the NPC filter in the depot search.
  • We fixed several small door issues in Marapur.
See you in Tibia,
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PM Insights: Sneak Peek Skill Wheel 25-07-2022 / GuildStats bot
Imagere you curious to find out what we have on our drawing board right now, Tibians? Today, we want to give you a glimpse behind the curtains.

We are currently working on a new feature that will allow you to further specialise your character based on your needs and playstyle, the skill wheel. In this system your character gains points, one each level, that can be spent to unlock several benefits. These range from small perks like increasing your total hit points, to improving existing spells, all the way up to powerful and unique effects, like gaining access to a completely new spell. The skill wheel will have a use for at least 4000 points, thus allowing even the highest characters in the game to have something to look forward to.
Characters start in the centre of the wheel with a limited choice of perks to choose from. Once a certain number of points has been invested into a specific improvement, more possibilities to spend points open up and characters can branch out to unlock additional benefits and move towards the outer rim of the wheel where powerful new spells or abilities are waiting. In general, more complex bonuses need more points to be unlocked and thus, require a higher level.
A character would have to spent 575 points in a branch to reach one of the largest boons. This design was chosen to allow a much wider range of characters to theoretically gain access to all benefits. While characters with a high level can invest into more bonuses at the same time, benefits are not exclusive to their level range.

In essence, you can shape your own path in the skill wheel. We want players to experiment with the skill wheel and with different paths. Therefore, we will make sure that you can go back on the decisions you have made for your character and respend your points on different perks and benefits without any significant investment.

Due to having a lot of points to spent, as the amount is based on your level, many of the upgrades are of a smaller, incremental nature so that you can always spend your newly gained points when levelling. Each vocation will have its own skill wheel with its own effects and spells.

These core aspects of the skill wheel hopefully allow us to meet the following goals:
  • Players can use the skill wheel without having to worry about making a permanent mistake. This is important to us as players dedicate significant amounts of time, ressources and effort to level their characters.
  • Players can freely try out which of the benefits suit their playstyle best or are most useful to them in a specific scenario, be that hunting, bossing or PvP.
  • Vocations can gain a more distinct role.
  • We can balance every single aspect of the skill wheel at any time, as nobody has to spent a lot of gold or time to respend points in the skill wheel. This works for both buffs and nerfs.
Overall, we want to add a system that allows players of all level ranges to have something else to look forward to and be excited about in addition to the normal levelling progress. This is especially true after reaching level 400, as from there on out characters can wear every piece of equipment and cast every spell that is available to their vocation.
This leaves characters of that level or higher with one core progression: Getting another level to increase hit points, mana, capacity and every five levels their damage which allows them to go to more dangerous and profitable hunting grounds and to also step up their game when fighting bosses. Of course, there are a lot of other features and contents which provide players with plenty to do. Yet, they are not directly related to level or impacted by it in the same way.

One of the core challenges with the design of this system is that it inherently provides additional power to characters and adds another layer of complexity. However, on the flipside it is also a great opportunity to allow more character individualisation. Moreover, it offers a way to add things that are both unique to a vocation and to the game itself.

We understand that you are probably interested in further details about the skill wheel or would like to ask all kinds of questions about it. At this point of time, though, it is too early to dive deeper since we are still in the internal design process during which a lot of things are still subject to considerable change.
Nonetheless, we wanted to give you an idea of what we are currently excited about and working on. If you want to share your first impression and valuable feedback with us, you are welcome use the designated feedback form if you have a character of at least level 100 on your account. The feedback form is available till August 08, 2022.

Journey Onward!
Your Product Managers
Summer Update 2022 18-07-2022 / GuildStats bot
Imagefter seven update teasers
and an intensive testing phase, the summer update of 2022 has finally been released. Let us go over what is new in Tibia:

If you feel comfortable hunting in Asura Palace, for example, you should now try to gain access to Marapur, a new island south of Roshamuul, and meet the Nagas! Test your talent in quests, fights against mini bosses, and a bigger bossfight. With Marapur, the 20th area Tibians have been searching for was finally discovered.

Nagas have a strong sense for aesthetics that does not only show in decorated buildings, but also extends to their craftsmanship and their battle gear. Thanks to them, new equipment with an elaborate and elegant look is now available. If you like to dress to impress, you will most certainly also enjoy the new and extraordinary gear that can be obtained deep down below the surface in Gnomprona. Make sure to strive for the three new best-in-slot equipment pieces that are now available for each vocation.
Let yourself be recruited by the Gnomcruiter in Noodles Academy of Modern Magic after you have spent some time in Marapur, for a chance to show your bravery by fighting against new primordial creatures. These creatures become more and more dangerous and resonate in difficulty with your qualification. Raise your hazard qualification by killing the primal menace, a miniboss with a cooldown of 20 hours. This perilious new system will spice up your hunts in Gnomprona. If you have shown enough bravery, Gnomadness will reward you with your very own ripptor mount, and one out of the mentioned new best-in-slot equipment pieces. Wear the new flaming hot outfit that you can obtain there with pride.
You are a boss hunter at heart and have always wanted a feature that helps you keep track of your heroic deeds, and adds more meaning to what you are doing? Take a look at the new Bosstiary that you can find in the Tibia Cyclopedia. The rewards for the three different progress levels might even encourage one or the other Tibian who has not been a boss hunter yet, to boss up. The new "daily boosted bosses" will help you fill the Bosstiary.

Speaking about bosses. There is now a Boss Cooldowns widget that will let you track your archfoes' cooldowns. In addition to this, several further convenience features were added with this year's summer update. The new options to adjust the look of the arcs that display your hitpoints and mana enable you to customise your Tibian experience more to your liking. Surely, the new NPC filter option in the Search Locker widget, or the search field in NPC trade windows, as well as the option to buy and sell larger amounts of stackable items at once will also come in handy. The new indicator that informs you about time or charges left on items will make your Tibian life easier, too. You can also customise this display via the Options menu.

We hope you enjoy the new content and features!
Your Community Managers
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New Outfit 08-07-2022 / GuildStats bot
Image new outfit has been added to the Store today!

They are skilled, they are disciplined, they wield their weapon with deadly precision as a form of art. Fencers are true masters of the blade who can cut through anything and anyone in the blink of an eye. While being feared for their lethal attacks, they are also admired for their elegant and fierce style, their dashing looks. Do not be on the fence, be a fencer, or at least dress like one with this fashionable, cutting-edge outfit.
Click on image to enlarge.

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Be fashionable!
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